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Why, Workday And ServiceNow Are Obsessing Over This New Cloud Metric

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CLOUD WARS — It’s a metric that defies quantification and eludes traditional approaches, but ultimately trumps all others—and as a business imperative, it’s become one of the dominant priorities being hammered home by the CEOs of three of the Cloud Wars Top 10 cloud-native SaaS companies:, Workday and ServiceNow.

It’s called Customer Success, and it’s going to be one of the major forces—perhaps the overall #1 driver—that will reshape the cloud-computing industry in 2018.

In the old on-premises world, a customer bought a big collection of stuff that came bundled with full and complete responsibility for the new owner to install it, test it, monitor it, tune it, patch it, upgrade it, and make it work.

In the cloud, however, since the cloud vendors are the ones who now assume all those responsibilities—and who also now have an enormous incentive to deliver a great experience to those customers to ensure they re-up their subscriptions—the behaviors and incentives and metrics and priorities of those cloud vendors must evolve rapidly to meet these new realities.

And at the centre of all those changes is customer success—not customer satisfaction or customer loyalty, but customer success: did the cloud service not just run properly from a technical perspective, but did it deliver for the customer that customer’s desired business outcomes?

Did the cloud service live up to what the customer purchased it for: to help the business customer be more successful?

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Article Credit: Forbes

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