Wed. Nov 24th, 2021

While discussing about the artificial intelligence with my friend we landed into the world where, there are robots all around the world in every industry. Humans and personal computers have been replaced by the bots. Bots don’t need a personal computer as they can connect to premises’ network and can work while walking, running or sitting. Bots are entering into the premises and working continuously for 9 hours with no coffee breaks. They take break if the CPU utilization is more than 70% or battery is less than 20%.

Every industry is growing without making any mistakes while producing a product. Every product is perfect andnobody knows what is alpha& beta versions. Industries are generating large revenues without spending much cost. There are no meetings and schedule calls, bots are communicating each other through network IPs. No cost is being spent on tea-coffee machines, water coolers, washrooms, computers, cafeterias etc.

But what humans are doing?

Humans have set some protocols to use the bot machines.

No bot can be a senator or a member of parliament. Bot can’t vote. Industries can produce bots to sell it to third party but can’t use their own bots in the industries’ work. Industries have to hire bots that are owned by humans and salary is credited to humans’ account for each bot. Only one bot can be owned by a human for commercial use to save the unemployment.

Bots should be treated as machines only there should not be any emotional attachments and here I see the destruction. There is an organ inside us the adrenal gland that releases the adrenaline that increases the blood flow and we non CPU creatures feel excitement and emotions and react to it. And then there will be NGOs fighting bot rights. Roads jam, candle March and slogans everywhere to give bots equal right.

So let this era be in discussions and make technologies smart and bring advancement and automation to a certain limit or the world will be taken over by bots in no time.

By Sudaif Haider

Co-Founder Achats Hub

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