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Rimini Street extends ERP life with mobility, analytics, security add-ons

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Third-party maintenance (TPM) provider Rimini Street has launched mobile, analytics and database security add-ons that its customers can use to extend the life of ageing ERP and other core enterprise applications.

Rimini Street’s pitch to customers has always been that they can can use substantial savings on vendor maintenance fees to free up their IT budget for new projects. Now it’s providing something to spend that spare cash on, as the new extensions address the most common forms of modernization projects that customers invest in. According to Dean Alms, Group Vice President, Product Strategy at Rimini Street:

For many years we have been talking about how customers can save quite a bit of money on their support bill and use it for innovation. For some of these companies it’s hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions …

They are looking for ways that they can take a roadmap and innovate on that. We can show them where people are taking those innovation dollars and investing them.

Extending the life of enterprise applications

For many organizations with older versions of SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft and other enterprise applications, the prospect of upgrading to a newer release is too disruptive or costly. But that’s typically the original vendor’s recommended route to migrate to modern functionality, such as support for mobile devices or analytics. The Rimini Street add-ons provide an alternative way of achieving targeted modernization that extends the useful life of the existing investment. Alms explains:

It really is a natural progression to what we’re doing. We’ve saved you money for several years now, and many companies want us to extend those savings for another 5 years or even 10 years …

When a customer first comes to us they’re not making a one- or two-year decision. This is a big decision on their part. We can go in and say, ‘You may not be ready to roll out mobility or analytics today, but when you are ready, we are there for you.’

They need to know that we are going to secure that platform, allow it to interoperate no matter how many technology advances occur, and allow them to innovate and go after other opportunities.

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