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Riding technology: The role of IoT in healthcare surveillance

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Healthcare is a term of growing importance across the globe. In India, the term is known only to the urban population while in rural or semi urban communities it is relatively unknown. Rural areas are not easily accessible and the technologies that exist in the tertiary centers and corporate hospitals are not available to them.

The goal of having a healthy population has always been constant, but the lack of reach and technology has hindered in achieving this. The government has used constant surveillance methods to collect data via health camps, hospitals, military camps etc. But, the data collected loses relevance by the time the initiatives are implemented. But can we ride the telecom infrastructure to work around the existing drawbacks? Can we use sensors to pick up data and transmit them to central control stations where experts monitor and support dispensation of care?

In 2008, the number of connected devices exceeded the population on this earth.

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