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Retailers Prepare for Back-to-School Season with Business Software

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A flexible business software system should help businesses prepare for lean periods and times of increased demand like back-to-school. Sudden success may surprise organizations, but there are much more predictable sales seasons companies should adapt for while they have the chance. An Avalara white paper suggested retailers should prepare their information systems for back-to-school shopping in summer so they are ready for the fall.

The white paper quoted National Retail Federation statistics to show why it’s important for companies to integrate their online and offline activities. As more consumers shop using web stores, businesses must make sure they have eCommerce solutions ready to provide accurate inventory availability and prices.

This means streamlining data from multiple channels and locations. Avalara can provide automated financial solutions for companies operating in territories with unique sales tax rates. When tax holidays – like the ones that occur during the beginning of the school season – occur, flexible and intelligent ERP solutions help companies avoid obstacles and benefit from opportunities.

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