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Renewed push for Business One could boost SAP SMB strategy

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The fall of SAP Anywhere, an e-commerce front end that arrived in the U.S. in 2016 with some fanfare, may have raised questions about SAP’s commitment to SMBs. However, with SAP boasting 60,000 Business One customers and with no plans to sunset Business ByDesign, the end of SAP Anywhere may help clarify the SAP SMB message.

According to experts, SAP’s plans for Business Onemay prove to be what resonates with this market, even though Business ByDesign is also being pushed as a contender.

Business One is becoming more of a real platform, with a more modular microservices architecture, according to Cindy Jutras, president of the Mint Jutras consulting firm.

“This will be a big plus for partners who develop add-ons as extensions,” she said, noting that instead of customizing Business One, partners can use plug-and-play extensions. This can also benefit customers who won’t have to deal with custom code.

SAP SMB messaging for Business One is clearer

Additionally, SAP seems to have clarified some of its messaging around Business One. The company stopped using the Business All-in-One tag, which was never a separate product, but a software package consisting of SAP ERP with best practices and templates built in, according to Jutras.

“Calling it by a different name implied to the market that it was a different product, and it really wasn’t,” she said.

Internally, SAP has merged Business One and Business ByDesign so they are handled by one team, but the vendor does not plan to merge the products, according to Luis Murguia, senior vice president and general manager of Business One and Business ByDesign. The intention is to simplify the way partners work with SAP and allow resellers whose customers are reaching the limits of Business One to offer Business ByDesign with less hassle, he said.

Business ByDesign may need more of a push

However, Business ByDesign is still in a gray area and may not even be necessary for the SAP portfolio, according to Jutras.

“If they do with S/4HANA what they’re talking about doing in terms of bringing it to the cloud … I’m wondering if that will crowd Business ByDesign out of the niche,” she said.

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