SAP HANA Cloud Platform is now called SAP Cloud Platform and includes new services; SAP Vehicles Network has a new automated car rental app from Hertz.

Meet the new cloud; not quite the same as the old cloud.

That was the message from SAP as it formally introduced SAP Cloud Platform at Mobile World Congress Barcelona. SAP Cloud Platform is the new name for SAP HANA Cloud Platform, but the company claims that the change is more than just cosmetic.

SAP Cloud Platform includes new business services intended to make it easier to build business applications, extend and integrate existing SAP applications, and develop IoT and big data projects.

“We started about two years ago with five or six SAP services, and we’re up to more than 40 services now,” said Dan Lahl, SAP vice president of product marketing. “We’re taking the platform to the next level, helping customers to become agile by helping them extend or personalize any SaaS or on-premises application that SAP delivers and integrating with others like Salesforce, Infor and others.”

In addition, more than 1,000 partner apps have been built on SAP Cloud Platform, Lahl said, and it is the foundation for SAP Leonardo (SAP’s IoT product portfolio), SAP Clea (the machine learning product and services portfolio), the SAP BusinessObjects Cloud applications portfolio (including SAP Digital Boardroom), and the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS.

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