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Public Relations in the Hospitality Industry

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Hospitality is a highly competitive and growing sector. Being a service providing industry, hospitality needs effective and prolonged relationship with consumers. With steady influence of travel media and Instagramming of travel bloggers, you might have an impression that hospitality industry does not need PR services. That’s not true! Infact, with so much activity around the hospitality industry, service providers try to put their best foot forward and establish their brand over its competitors. This is where the Hospitality PR firms come in picture. It is unfortunate that several brands of the hospitality industry prefer to invest in advertisements and other traditional forms of marketing than investing in PR as they consider it to be an expensive affair. However, PR is actually more cost-effective in promoting the brand as PR strategies can often fetch greater returns.

Orion PR

Orion PR is among the most reputed PR firms in Mumbai and offers a comprehensive range of services such as Media Relations, Corporate Communications, Visibility Management, Crisis Management, Media Relations, Reputation Management as well as Research and Media Monitoring. The company was established in the year 2004 and has been providing excellent services since its inception days. The clientele of Orion PR has some global brands such as Sepia, INIFID, Barbeque Nation, Pidilite and UTV Motion Pictures to name a few.


Perfect Relations

Perfect Relations is known for being the single largest PR firm that offer Communications & Business Policy Services to Indian and global companies. Perfect Relations offers a range of services such as Public Affairs & Government Relations, Investor Relations, Social Media Management and Advisory and Consulting solutions. The firm has offices in major cities like Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad.

Role of Hospitality PR agency

Promoting the Brand: From writing effective stories for press releases to engaging media and organizing events – Hospitality PR agencies operate at several levels to promote the brand. The PR team charts the media engagement as a year-long cycle to ensure that enhanced visibility of the brand. It strategically spaces events, news releases and announcements so that the brand remains in the minds of the audience.

Identify Target Audience: Hospitality PR team must keep the essence of the client’s brand in mind and research the correct target audience before they float their news in media. It is important to identify the suitable media for proper exposure. For example, if you are a luxury hospitality brand, your presence must be spread across niche media.

Contingency Plans: Being a service industry, hospitality sector is prone to deal with controversial issues and crisis scenarios. The PR agency has contingency plans chalked out to regulate damage control. They also help companies to respond appropriately to negative situations to ensure that the reputation of the brand is not marred.

Leading Hospitality PR Agencies

The Brandman Agency: Headquartered in New York and Los Angeles, the agency is creating a ripple in the world of Hospitality PR and Communications. Its portfolio includes acquiring media coverage for leading resorts, launching luxury brands in the hotel industry and creating space for newly renovated properties.

UpSpring PR: Apart from offering regular PR services like media relations, event organization, digital coverage etc., UpSpring PR focuses on aesthetics. Working in collaboration with architects and designers, the agency guides them to create a visual story through designing.

Finn Partners: Relatively new in the Hospitality PR industry, Finn Partners has corporate giants like AirFrance and South Africa in its client portfolio and has been consistently expanding its services across the travel and hospitality industry.

DKC: DKC has some of the most popular names in the hospitality industry as their client like Airbnb, Delta, W Hotels and Princess Cruise. The agency claims to be one of the largest full-service public relations firm.

Quinn: Quinn is among the leading hospitality PR agencies. Playing roles of a strategic influencer, content creators and media advisor, Quinn has a host of clients from hospitality and real-estate sector. The company also unveiled an ultra-luxury division to their portfolio with clients like Regent Seven Seas Cruises.

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