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Proven Instagram Marketing Strategies That Can Boost Your E-Commerce Sales

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With over one billion monthly active users, Instagram is undoubtedly the place to be for online businesses for racking up strong e-commerce sales. According to, Instagram delivers the highest average value per order among all the available social media platforms, a fact that does not seem to have gone unnoticed by marketers, a good 70% of whom are using Instagram to promote e-commerce sales. If you want to make a breakthrough into e-commerce sales with Instagram, here are some simple but powerful tactics:

Make Your Instagram Posts Shoppable

Before the launch of shoppable posts, the only way retailers could generate e-commerce sales was by including the link to the e-commerce site and a powerful CTA in their Instagram bios. As may be expected, the extra step resulted in many prospects dropping out. It also frustrated people who came back later to click on the link and explore a product that they had liked because, in the meantime, the retailer in all probability had changed the link to point to a different product. By making the posts shoppable while the URL in the bio remains constant, online businesses can have the best of both the worlds. By clicking on the tagged products in the Instagram posts, users can learn more and then go to the relevant page on the website to purchase it.

Feature Shoppable Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have proved to be immensely popular since its launch. According to research, 500 million users use stories daily while according to Instagram, at least 50% of businesses share at least one story every month. With the life of the story limited to just 24 hours, it is the perfect method to publicize limited period offers and to create a sense of expectation and excitement among real Instagram followers. Photos and videos can be uploaded as stories on Instagram with the photos of the products tagged in them. Of course, the online store should have been set up along with the online catalog using an e-commerce platform.

Nurture Follower Interest with Email and Blog Content

Regardless of how appealing your product line-up is, it highly unlikely that users will head straight to your e-commerce site to purchase them immediately after discovering your Instagram account. Most will become your followers and wait till they are convinced that your products are really what they want and that you are adequately trustworthy. Rather than convertingthem to customers as and when they wish, you should engage in nurturing a relationship that will aid the conversion process by building trust. Sending them email newsletters and promoting your blogs on your Instagram account are very effective ways of gaining trust.


Smart marketers can use a well-crafted strategy of engaging customers with high-quality shoppable posts and stories while keeping the interest of prospects alive by nurturing the relationship with email newsletters and blog posts. Once the trust and credibility are established and the users are convinced of your product quality, they will be compelled to convert their interest into sales. Using influencer marketing as well as strategic advertising can help you to achieve your objectives faster.

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