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The promise and the reality of interoperability in the internet of things

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The internet of things (IoT) promises a utopian, interconnected world where physical and digital converge to make our lives easier through increased productivity in industry, efficiency at home or by providing more touchpoints between consumers and brands.

However, as more devices, networks and platforms come to market, the lack of interoperability between them has emerged as an obstacle to achieving true benefit.

While many players in the market seek to differentiate not only through service offerings but also hardware, software and networks, a company called Chirp has emerged to enable increased interconnectivity between them through the universal language of sound.

Its data-over-sound technology comes packaged as a suite of interoperable software development kit (SDKs) that encode data into a series of audible or inaudible, near ultrasonic tones on a sending device before transmitting it over the air to a receiving device, or group of devices where it is decoded.

Any device with a speaker can emit a Chirp and most devices with a microphone can receive and decode it.

Chirp’s technology was and continues to be developed by some of the world’s leading scientific minds and leading acoustic technologists and engineers and is used globally in interactive gaming and toys, transportation, industrial IoT and robotics by clients including Activision Blizzard and Shuttl.

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