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Project Management Software: How to Create Epic Success

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What will success look like this year for your organization?

If success is defined by achieving your desired outcome then you better know where you want to go before you get going.

We’re going to challenge you to put your business strategy to the test by asking you to dive deep into the question, “Does my Project Software provide the capability I need to achieve the kind of success I want?”

When it comes to project management success typically means:

  • maintaining a high percentage of satisfied customers
  • maintaining a high percentage of return customers and repeat business
  • percentage of new business
  • producing a positive contribution margin
  • financial growth

Now that we know what success will look like let’s take a look at how your day-to-day operations either support or detract from your goals.


Project Set Up

Your goal is to onboard new accounts quickly, increasing your percentage of new business.

The more efficient that process is, the more accounts you’ll have and the more money you’ll make, right? Well yes, but this transaction occurs on a two way street – you have to match your customer’s pace in order to be successful.  If your consultants are spending a lot of time ‘sitting on the bench’ it can be difficult to cover their costs.  Therefore, the software used to run the business must provide a quick way to set up a new project so the consultant can begin working on the project as soon as possible and have the ability to accurately track time and expenses. Time that cannot be logged into the business software immediately when worked, because the project is not set up yet, can easily be forgotten which turns into lost revenue. No big deal – UNLESS – the future of your business depends on being profitable.

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