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Powai-based Cutting Chai harnesses IoT to help users network in real time

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Although networking plays an important role whilst establishing oneself in the startup ecosystem, it is not an easy task. Often, people find themselves stuck at events having a large audience, and are unable to figure out whom to approach.

Wouldn’t it be simpler, then, if we could get the contact details and information of people we want to network with right to our phones, without having to input any details? This is where Cutting Chai Technologies come to play.

With their product Ohai, the team at Cutting Chai aims to take networking to a different level, by combining Internet of Things (IoT) and intelligence to get basic information about people and their interests by getting phones to talk to one another.

Having spent 18 years in the wireless mobile technology domain and having worked in the US, Anand Virani was handling Qualcomm’s smartphone referral design business in India. However, in 2014, Anand realised that he wanted to venture into entrepreneurship in the tech and wireless space.

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