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The Collection Runner is a major feature in the Postman API testing tool. The Postman tool enables collection runner to run a collection with different sets of data.  The collections against specific environments/stages such as UAT, DEV, SIT, Testing, and Production are run as group of requests. The collections received are organized and run in large environments as request in separate folders.

Newman Command Line Tool

The Newman command line tool executes collections with file upload requests. This ability of Postman to invoke API, modify requests, and inspect responses proves to be valuable among the Developers/QA, while researching issues that they might face.

The daily online shopping transaction demonstrates the collection runner request and response process. The entire online payment checkout process is based on the following assumptions.

  • The four major participants in the entire process are the end customer, online merchant portal (such as Amazon/Flipkart/eBay​), payment gateway (such as PayPal/PayTM/Chargebee/GooglePay​), and Acquirer (end user customer bank​)
  • The entire checkout process contributes to multiple customers visiting the merchant portal for making multiple transactions
  • The payment gateway handles all customer payment request and sends the response to the customer’s acquiring bank that is responsible for processing the payments
  • The payment request process runs as a collection in a sequential order

The below flowchart summarizes the entire payment process. In the flowchart, the role of the Postman tool is to determine the success rate of the HTTP Post Payment service.


Payment Process

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