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Porsche and SAP to cooperate more closely on digital transformation

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Porsche and SAP will work closely together on new initiatives for the digital transformation of the German sports car maker.


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Porsche SAP-The collaboration with the business software group will focus on data-driven business models, artificial intelligence and an end-to-end process-driven architecture, Porsche said. The two companies also will integrate existing projects into their new joint plans.

Porsche has for decades relied on SAP software for many of its business processes, but it said it now wants to look for ways to get even more out of the collaboration. For that purpose, the two companies have formed a ‘board of architects,’ which will specifically identify new opportunities.

“Our aim is to jointly realize new ideas,” Lutz Meschke, management board member for finance and IT, said in a press release.

He added that the results of the deepened cooperation won’t be exclusive to Porsche, but will benefit other companies as well.

“I am convinced that this type of partnership is exactly what we need to promote innovations in Germany,” he said.

SAP’s Germany CEO, Daniel Holz said he wants SAP to be “a close partner” throughout Porsche’s digital transformation. He said Porsche’s openness to new business approaches has been instrumental in making the relationship a success.

Said Holz: ”Design thinking is a core element of our work together and we have managed in just a short space of time to focus on the right issues and take a solution-oriented approach.”

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