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Plugging the IoT skills gap before it’s too late

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way the manufacturing industry works, and many manufacturers have already invested in IoT initiatives which have seen them increase their revenues by 28.5% (Tata Consultancy Survey, 2014).

Some of the common manufacturing use cases of IoT include: predictive maintenance, augmented reality (AR), additive manufacturing, autonomous robots, and analytics.

There are many different elements to think about when implementing IoT technology, including the technological difficulty in integrating IoT into your existing systems, the threat hacking may pose and therefore the cybersecurity surrounding your systems, and the predicament on how to prove ROI to justify the associated financial outlays.

However, one of the main challenges business leaders should think about, which is often overlooked, is the human element: both how your staff interact with the technology and get the most from it, alongside what new skills your staff will require to ensure that you are running the technology efficiently.

What overarching key skills that are required?

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