Mon. Mar 22nd, 2021

It seems it may never be too early to get connected. IoT technology has saved consumers both time and money over the years, but can it now potentially assist in saving babies’ lives? The September edition of The Internet of Things Tracker™ features an interview with Jake Colvin, cofounder of Owlet Baby Care, on how the company’s IoT-powered sock tracks an infant’s vital signs and alerts caregivers when something seems awry. That, and a comprehensive directory that rates and ranks more than 100 providers from around the IoT space.

With companies always on the hunt for creative and effective ways to connect with their customers, several businesses recently made considerable improvements in the IoT space by launching wearable technology.

From using Bluetooth technology to wireless networks, merchants have honed their focus on expanding their IoT plans. Owlet Baby Care, for one, has developed a clothing accessory featuring IoT tech that seemingly could be a lifesaver for babies.

The fabric sock, which features flexible and removable electronics and a rechargeable battery, connects with a base station that plugs into the wall and sends out specific notifications depending on the situation at hand. For example, the Owlet station emits a slow-pulsing green light if it’s getting a good reading, but if the sock disconnects from Bluetooth, the light glows blue. It glows yellow and is accompanied by a song if the sock falls of the baby’s foot.

And if a baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels fall outside the predetermined parameters, an alarm sounds, and the base station flashes red.

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