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How Photon Pulled Off Two Big Cloud Projects On A Tight Deadline

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“We adopt anything new very quickly,” says Ajay Kumar, senior director of quality and compliance at Photon Interactive.

That practice has stood Photon in good stead with a growing list of high-profile customers for its retail-oriented mobile applications—which, the company says, are responsible for more than 150 million consumer interactions a day among customers and employees of organizations across North America, Europe, and India. “We create digital experiences for the Fortune 100,” says Michael Levine, vice president of marketing and business development. “We make our customer’s customer go ‘wow’ and work as our customers’ innovation partner of choice.”

Source: Oracle

Source: Oracle

The company’s agility was put to the test, though, when, Photon set about upgrading its IT infrastructure with an ambitious implementation of two cloud-based mission-critical systems, Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud and Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud—both at the same time. The project serves as an object lesson in the groundwork and cultural adjustments needed when companies initiate a cloud move, no matter how ambitious.

Growth Requires Mature ERP System

To create these award winning digital experiences which demonstrate the latest in mobile experience and consumer engagement, the company employs 3,600 designers and engineers spread across four geographic areas: India, Indonesia, the Netherlands, and the United States. Yet up to a year and a half ago, Photon was using an ERP system which had been sufficient to meet its requirements when it was a smaller company, but which Photon had to upgrade to meet the challenges of the rapid growth that it faced.

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