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Is Passive Income a Myth? (Answer Valid till year 2020)

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Passive income myth

Passive income myth

It’s probably one of the biggest questions of the decade. Is Passive income a myth?

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Now, I will not make this article philosophical, rather I like to share some facts. I promise that after you done reading this article, you can decipher the answer for yourself.

A few months back, I was listening to a video of Gary Vaynerchuk. He was exhibiting anger against people who says it’s easy. I believe it’s most definitely not a child’s play but not that difficult.

The only stepping stone is right way to do it. If you are able to get the right things, then you win half the war.

Is Passive income is seriously a myth?

It’s a big NO. How can it be a myth. It’s a tough job. It’s more or less like all other jobs which need right mixture of knowledge, productivity, skill, experience, risk taking ability, business acumen so on and so forth.

It’s not a flowery path. Passive income is nothing but your hard work pays you over time and consistent with repeating same things again and again. Generating passive income requires over the roof creativity.

Now, as promised, I tell you a place to start generating passive income. Now, I am honest with you, This is not miraculous, but I promise one thing if you tend to follow all the steps mentioned here religiously for about 2 months, then I bet you’ll be earning a lot.

People who aren’t able to make passive income or perceive passive income is a myth, they fail because they think it’s a rich quick scheme. They should give enough time to learn the art.

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