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Oracle’s PaaS/IaaS progress – becoming real

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Oracle’s going big on IaaS and PaaS solutions, but are they real? It’s not a new question, but it remains a valid one that deserves attention – which it got at a recent analyst event staged by the vendor.

Flash back to late 2015 and I saw Oracle executives define a new competitive landscape. They described a world where the applications, platform and infrastructure spaces were getting upended. Old competitors would cede market share to newer players. The new winners were companies whose solutions were designed for a more cloud-y world. I wrote of this in this 2015 diginomica piece.

At the same event, I saw Larry Ellison, CTO and Founder of Oracle, demonstrate a number of cloud capabilities his firm was developing to make Oracle more relevant in this changing business world. He then showed how easily he could transfer a customer’s on-premises applications, database and more to a cloud computing solution Oracle had developed. The key points I recall from that demonstration were:

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