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Oracle’s digital twin simplifies design process for complex IoT systems

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A wind tunnel for testing IoT devices may never materialize. But IoT designers can come close with some advanced planning and simulation with tools such as Oracle’s digital twin.

Car designers do it with wind tunnels. Architects do it, models. But how do you test the design of a complex IoT system?

It isn’t easy with potentially thousands of sensors sending millions of readings continuously. How do you check to make sure that your IoT design will work properly in real life? Check to make sure that different error conditions are handled properly, and corrective action taken on time?

Simulated IoT devices can eliminate the guesswork from designing complex systems.


Dr Michael Grieves at the University of Michigan first proposed the idea of a “digital twin”. A digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical device to make sure that the design performs as intended. He defined Digital Twin Prototype (DTP) as an asset’s information.

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Article Credit: Network World

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