Wed. Jul 28th, 2021

“Content marketing” was one of the top agenda items for the world’s leading CMOs this past year and topic of intense interest at the 2015 Forbes CMO Summit. And well it should be.

According to our research, marketing content now accounts for more than 25% of marketing budgets, exceeding spending on media for most companies.  Yet the discipline around economically and effectively creating content at scale is not well-defined.

As a result, content marketing is literally the thing that ate the marketing budget as most CMOs fail to break the tyranny of the linear curve between content creation and cost.  With no strategy for economies of scale, marketers have no choice but to increase their spending to the detriment of budget allocation to other valued marketing initiatives and to corporate profitability.

What’s a CMO to do?

A new Report  entitled “Publish or Perish” just released by the Forbes CMO Practice shows how enlightened CMOs are developing best practices that marry strong strategies for their content supply chain with technologies that best enable the creation, management, distribution and optimization of content at scale.

One technology company well-positioned to help the CMO create a roadmap for content marketing is Oracle.  As outlined in our report, Oracle is one of only 13 providers of marketing platforms the Forbes CMO practice recommends for the enterprise.  Why Oracle?

Oracle has assembled the broadest and most comprehensive suite of solutions to support the brand publishing process (as the chart below shows).

 Technologies That Can Enable he Enterprise Publishing Process

While all 13 of these marketing platform technology providers shown above offer best-of-breed solutions for specific phases of the process, or channels of distribution, Oracle stands out in that they provide the most solutions to support most aspects of the brand publishing process:

  • Content planning and sourcing – with their marketing content platform
  • Content targeting – marketing cloud supports targeting and profiling
  • Content governance – with the ability to catalog and distribute content in native enterprise content management platforms, web CMS platforms or MRM as part of its marketing cloud suite.
  • Content distribution through digital marketing (web CMS, Email) and sales and service channels (CRM)
  • Content optimization –Data-as-a-Service platform that syncs with any marketing cloud solution to enable one-to-one marketing personalization and ROI tracking.

Oracle is one of the few companies with the breadth of solutions, focus on content operations, expertise and scale to help the CMO create a roadmap for optimizing content operations and enabling brand publishing processes across the enterprise.

To learn more about how marketers can best develop an effective and impactful brand publishing discipline, download the Forbes report:  “Publish or Perish.”

Bruce H. Rogers is the co-author of the recently published book Profitable Brilliance: How Professional Service Firms Become Thought Leaders

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