Sat. Jan 16th, 2021

Oracle is using its in-house public cloud to provide back-end storage for its on-premises ZFS appliances, adding functionality to its walled hybrid cloud garden.

Sort of the opposite of bringing its Exadata cloud service on-premises, Oracle is taking its ZFS on-premises kit up into its public cloud.

The latest ZFS Storage Appliance software release includes Oracle’s ZFS Cloud software, which means appliance data can be moved to/from Oracle’s own public cloud, strengthening the ZFS Storage Appliance’s role in Oracle’s hybrid cloud push.

Larrysco marketing talk says this eliminates “the need for external cloud gateways and avoiding the costs of software licenses and cloud access licenses – AKA ‘cloud entrance taxes’ – charged by legacy on-premises vendors for the right to access the public cloud.” It says it is bringing its public cloud and ZFS Appliance together in a co-engineered pair of products.

As Oracle says, the ZFS Storage Appliance is the storage foundation for Oracle Public Cloud – so the co-engineering is no big deal.

It says traditional on-premises vendors can’t deliver the same public cloud integration – are you listening NetApp? – and public cloud vendors can’t deliver on-premises appliances. So King Oracle rules the hybrid NAS filer/public cloud world.

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