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Oracle Unveils Industry-First Cloud Converged Storage to Help Organizations Bridge On-Premises and Oracle Cloud Storage

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REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., March 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Oracle today unveiled the industry’s first Cloud Converged Storage, representing the first time a public cloud provider at scale has integrated its cloud services with its on-premises, high performance NAS storage systems. Oracle ZFS Cloud software, included in the latest Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance release, enables organizations to easily and seamlessly move data and/or applications to the cloud to optimize value and savings, while eliminating the need for external cloud gateways and avoiding the costs of software licenses and cloud access licenses–AKA “cloud entrance taxes”—charged by legacy on-premises vendors for the right to access the public cloud from their infrastructure platforms. As an example, Oracle’s total cost of ownership versus one industry competitor was 87 percent less.*

Oracle’s approach removes the burden on users to do their own on-premises to public cloud integration, manage environments comprised of different security requirements, support teams, industry standards, and skill sets, as well as the struggle with end-to-end visibility, diagnostics and support. Oracle is, in fact, the only company that can bring the two worlds together as one co-engineered solution. On-premises NAS storage providers cannot offer this level of convergence and economic benefits as they lack a public cloud, and public cloud providers lack on-premises high-performance NAS storage systems.

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