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Is Oracle Looking to Acquire Accenture?

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The latest buzz in the tech world is that Oracle may be mulling buying out mega consulting firm Accenture in a multi-billion dollar deal. The company has initiated due diligence to assess the value of the probable synergies, the financial angles and the pros and cons of such a deal according to a report in The Register. The thought behind such a mega-acquisition is for Oracle to give its cloud presence a big boost.

If the deal does go through, it will be the biggest technology acquisition ever.

Oracle is still at an initial exploratory stage in its assessment. What is interesting is that the two companies are already business partners—they run a business group aimed at helping customers migrate to the cloud from an on-premises environment. The offering is beneficial in providing customers an end-to-end cloud migration package including pre-integrated tech services, cloud readiness assessments and data migration assistance. However Oracle has renewed its cloud focus; it has devised a new policy of making new software available on the Oracle cloud before anywhere else. This is where the Accenture acquisition fits in, by plugging in deep consultant and professional expertise in the cloud enablement journey of Oracle’s customers. No longer will Oracle need to rely on external consultants or help on any technological front.

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