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Oracle links to LinkedIn so its salesware can sniff you out

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Your LinkedIn profile just got a little bit more useful … for marketers, because Oracle has done a deal with Microsoft’s social network.

The arrangement means that Big Red’s Marketing Cloud can now suck in LinkedIn data, the better to “increase conversion rates and generate more sales by helping marketers personalize and orchestrate campaigns across multiple channels, including email, websites, and digital ads.”

Users of the Marketing Cloud will be able to blend their own data with stuff from LinkedIn and therefore figure out if there’s anything in there they didn’t already know about you, so that marketers can target you precisely. Oracle’s own data trove contains at least 400 million records. Others, like Wayin, also have hundreds of millions of records and argue the world’s better off as a result becuase you’ll recive targeted marketing rather than spam.

Salesforce also integrates to LinkedIn, with an API that’s been around since 2011, well before Microsoft buddied-up with LinkedIn. Earlier this year it also hooked its Sales Navigator to LinkedIn.

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