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Oracle launches Accelerated Buying Experience to make cloud purchasing quick and easy

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Oracle Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison wants two things when it comes to customer’s buying cloud. First, make it easy to buy. Second, make the purchasing process go by quickly. Oracle’s Margaret Harrist wrote more on this in theOracleVoice series at Forbes.

According to Oracle CEO Safra Catz, who spoke at the Modern Finance Experience conference in Chicago, customers can now buy Oracle’s cloud services “with the click of a button.”

The new Oracle Accelerated Buying Experience aims to simplify and speed up the cloud purchasing process.

Harrist explained in her post that folks expect a much faster enterprise resource planning, or ERP, deployment in the cloud, which opens up a need for a purchasing process that does not take as long as the implementation.

Despite Catz’s team reworking and optimizing the buying process, taking into account operational data from Oracle’s transactional systems, Ellison wanted it faster. According to Harrist, it wasn’t just about making the process more efficient, but about speeding it up and making it simpler for customers to purchase cloud services.

The result is the new Accelerated Buying Experience. “Through the use of our SaaS applications, including Sales, Service and Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) Clouds, we can now complete orders significantly faster than anyone else in the Cloud,” Doug Kehring, Oracle’s executive vice president and chief of staff, said in an Oracle question and answer.

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