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Oracle fires Java warning at IBM and Red Hat

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Oracle has hit out at IBM and Red Hat Middleware for their continued opposition to its proposed plan to make Java modular.

Mark Reinhold, Oracle’s Java Platform chief, has called IBM’s position on the Java 9 Module System (JPMS) “disappointing”, “surprising” and a threat to Java.

IBM has suggested it will vote against the JPMS JSR that Reinhold leads – JSR 376. The result for the Community vote on JPMS is due to be announced on June 8.

A vote against the JSR, Reinhold warned here, would delay completion of the next version of Java and be a “vote against the Java Community Process itself.”

IBM’s JPMS member Tim Ellison had come out against JMPS in its current incarnation, saying the proposal was not ready and lacked group consensus. “While I understand the desire to keep the process moving along, I believe there is a value in listening to the collective wisdom of the EG and respecting their opinion,” Ellison wrote on JPMS thread here, adding: “Multiple EG members have said we are not ready yet.”

However, it seems as far as Reinhold is concerned, consensus cannot be achieved because Red Hat has voiced strong concerns over JPMS.

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