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Oracle Code conference a worthwhile investment for full-stack developers

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It’s just a hunch, but I don’t think Oracle is happy with the way they’ve communicated their cloud computing message to the development community, especially to those full-stack developers who are wont to inject cloud based resources into every project they touch. The desire to communicate their cloud computing message, along with generating awareness amongst full-stack developers as to exactly what’s available to them from the Oracle cloud, no doubt has provided the impetus for these Oracle Code conferences.

Oracle cloud and the full-stack developer

“These are one day events where we get to talk to developers about what’s important to them, and about what’s happening in terms of technologies, practices and trends” said Java Champion and Oracle Technology Director Stephen Chin. Toronto’s Oracle Code conference agenda was peppered with plenty of cloud and DevOps related buzzwords, but there were also plenty of down-to-earth sessions about things like JDBC, non-blocking APIs, functional programming and web component development that would appeal to the true developer who wanted to leave the conference with some real knowledge that could be practically applied to the projects upon which they are currently working.

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