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Oracle cloud storage embraces ZFS Storage Appliance

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Oracle’s ZFS Operating System 8.7 launched today allows users to transfer file- and block-based data between the high-performance ZFS Storage Appliance and the object-based Oracle Storage Cloud. Data going into the appliance can also be object-based.

Steve Zivanic, vice president of storage infrastructure at Oracle, said the Oracle cloud storage “looks, feels and acts” just like another disk to the ZFS Storage appliance. He compared the level of integration to Apple’s iPhone and iCloud storage.

Zivanic said Oracle’s new cloud converged storage option would enable customers to eliminate the need to buy a cloud gateway as well as the “cloud entrance tax” charged by some backup software and on-premises infrastructure vendors. He said customers asked Oracle for a way to avoid paying for “cloud access licenses” to move data out of their on-premise storage hardware.

“We were thinking they meant cloud service subscriptions. But, no, they were very clear,” Zivanic said. “What they meant is they are actually paying hardware vendors just for the right to subscribe to public cloud storage. That’s analogous to paying AOL for the right to access the Internet circa 2000. There’s no value add, and customers eventually look for more direct routes to avoid this middle layer.”

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