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Oracle buys specialist cloud software firm Textura for $663m

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Oracle buys specialist cloud software firm Textura for $663m

Oracle has acquired cloud payment specialist Textura for a hefty $663m in a move to create a cloud unit targeted at the engineering and construction industries.

Textura provides specialist cloud-based software to support the management of construction projects, and will be merged with Oracle’s Primavera suite of software also aimed at project management, such as handling costs, time and risk factors.

The combined cloud services will form the Oracle Engineering and Construction Global Business unit, effectively offering a more comprehensive set of project management tools for the industry.

Oracle has reworked Primavera as a software-as-a-service offering, and combined with Textura will offer the cloud software as a way to help the engineering and construction industry shift to more digital services.

Mike Sicilia, general manager of the new business unit, explained that using cloud services allows such firms to run more efficiently.

“The increasingly global engineering and construction industry requires digital modernisation in a way that automates manual processes and embraces the power of cloud computingto easily connect the construction job site, reduce cost overruns and improve productivity,” he said.

David Habiger, chief executive at Textura, added that the acquisition will enable the company to extend its reach in the engineering and construction industries.

“Textura’s mission is to bring workflow automation and transparency to complex construction projects while improving their financial performance and minimising risks,” he said.

However, any future Textura products will need the approval of Oracle, which is currently reviewing the company’s product plan. This could mean that Textura customers will see a very different suite by the time Oracle has finished poking around in the portfolio.

The acquisition is indicative of Oracle’s aggressive provision of cloud products across a wide range of industries. The firm recently extended its public cloud to customers’ data centres to overcome data residency fears.

However, while Oracle is chasing a cloud-based future, it would appear that the the firm’s controversial software licensing tactics have not yet been shaken off with the cloud.Specsavers global CIO has bemoaned the ‘trauma’ of Oracle’s relicensing deals.

Firm aims to push further into engineering and construction IT

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