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Opinion: Don’t be shy of data analytics

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Experimenting with data could transform travel agencies, says Pascal Clement, Amadeus head of travel intelligence

Big data is impacting every industry and changing the way business works as a result. Customers are beginning to expect more from companies, led by their experiences with the retail industry where many companies use data to provide a more personalised experience.

The travel industry is not exempt from this. Travel agencies – and travel providers in general – need to embrace data as a way to meet the needs of the changing market.

Data analytics has become a vital technology for businesses looking to better understand their market and customers.

Because it is relatively new, there is a necessary element of experimentation but, by investing in the power of data, travel agencies will be in a better position to compete effectively and provide enhanced customer experiences.

Just like any other business, travel agencies are focussed on their bottom line. Managers prioritise growing revenue – often through sales growth, but also by improving business margins and increasing productivity.

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