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Omni Remotes picks IBM for supply chain operations

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IBM has signed a five-year contract with remote control manufacturer Omni Remotes to transform their supply chain operations following their recentdivestment from Royal Philips.

During transition, IBM will implement new IT infrastructureand enhance Omni Remotes’ existing business processes so that it can achieve a smooth business disentanglement from its former parent company.

The agreement will help Omni Remotes gain business flexibility, efficiency and scalability within an integrated and managed infrastructure as it prepares for its next stage of growth and expansion in the remote control division.

Formerly known as Philips Home Control, Omni Remotes is now a fully independent company, owned by Morgan Stanley Private Equity Asia as of May 2015, and will continue to build on their 25 years of experience in the conception and production of innovative Home Control solutions.

These range from Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) to cable and satellite, consumer electronics, home automation and lighting, and PC/Over-The-Top (OTT) based applications.

As part of the agreement, IBM will assist Omni Remotes in integrating the company’s current ERP system with its new chain of vendors and suppliers through the implementation of the SAP ERP application platform on IBM Cloud, making it one of the first companies in Asia to do so. The implementation will be secured and managed through IBM Integrated Managed Infrastructure Services, IBM Cloud Automated Modular Management and Fiberlink MaaS360.

“Siloed information and poorly integrated business systems can make it difficult to act with speed and agility, which hurts competitiveness,” Tim Greisinger, managing director of IBM Singapore. “As Omni builds its business systems on IBM Cloud, they will have the global capabilities they need to grow their enterprise.”

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