Notion’s single sensor makes it easy to monitor your entire home, no matter where you are.


Notion sensors are along for the ride when objects like doors and windows open. Easily keep a mindful eye on people coming and going, whether a garage door closes or not, if a safe or liquor cabinet is accessed and more!

Bedrooms, basements, and wine cellars should all be temperature controlled. Your smart thermostat can help you turn on your furnace but it’s located in your hallway and doesn’t know the temperature anywhere else. Notion serves as your personal ambience servant to keep you (and your possessions) in the utmost comfort.

Water leaks
Knowing the second a leak breaks out could mean the difference between a mop and a basement remodel.

What good is an alarm if no one is around to hear it? Notion alerts you the moment a smoke or carbon monoxide alarms sounds.

Just place the sensor directly on the glass and Notion will alert you if your window breaks. This feature is perfect for a higher level of security without the cost.

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