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How NOT to Select a New ERP System

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Each day, we get dozens of inquiries on our website from companies looking for guidance on how to select and implement new ERP systems. However, this particular anonymous live chat discussion with a company doing some research on our site caught our attention:

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Not only did this provide good humor – which is largely missing in the enterprise software industry – but it was a stark reminder of how companies should not select and implement new enterprise systems. Unfortunately, many ERP consultants are too quick to make recommendations based on biases, kickbacks from ERP vendors and lack of knowledge of various ERP systems.

Selecting and implementing a new ERP system shouldn’t be like throwing a dart at the wall. There are literally hundreds of ERP systems out there – each with their own unique strengths, weaknesses and tradeoffs. Sure, your evaluation process shouldn’t be overly complicated, but they should be well-thought out and executed.

Also, if this is how you were to pick your ERP system, what does that say about how it will be implemented? To start, you will probably over-spend on a new system since you’re not considering all of your viable options. And the shotgun approach to implementation is typically even more destructive than it is during the evaluation phase. Nothing good can happen by rushing an enterprise software initiative – other than maybe saving a little bit of time in the short-term.

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