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My iPhone screen just broke! This is the statement that we tend to hear every now and then. People in the UK are fond of buying the latest iPhone models, but the problem that persists is that most of them accidentally break the screens of their iPhones after they have bought it! Every other person that we meet has an iPhone with a broken screen, but the thing that makes us curious is that how come the screens of these phones get broken? And after the screen is broken, how can we sell iPhone 7 (if) with a cracked screen?

There are many things we do unconsciously that might break the screens of our iPhones. Some of these things are listed below:

Fully Loaded Pockets:

Almost everyone puts their iPhone in their pockets. There is no harm in doing so! But the real harm is when people put their iPhones along with other things in the same pocket of their pants. When we are in a rush or we have many things to grab at the moment, we put everything in our pockets including our beloved iPhone.

Due to this, the other things in our pockets tend to pressurize the screen of our iPhone. When a lot of pressure is applied to it, the screen or the glass back of our iPhone cracks without even making noise.

Skinny Pants:

Oh yes! We are all fond of wearing skinny pants, as they are in fashion these days. But you have to keep one thing in mind when you have this habit of putting your iPhone in your pocket; skinnier the pant, more chances would be that your phone will end up having a cracked screen!

When we wear skinny pants and put our phones in their pockets, then the phone is sandwiched between the pant and our leg. When we sit in that instance, more pressure is applied on the iPhone, and if the pressure exceeds the limit which iPhone can bear; the screen or back of our iPhone gets cracked.

The Great Fall!

We all have been there, watching our phones dropping down from our hands. When we are in such a situation, we hope that the time stops and we can save our iPhone from splashing on the ground! But the sad reality is that if the iPhone leaves our hands, then it’s too late already!

Sometimes when our iPhones drop, the surface on which it falls is elastic enough that it prevents from the screen break of our iPhone.  But most of the times, we drop our iPhones on a surface that is not so much forgiving. On such surfaces, it might happen that our iPhone’s screen gets cracked.

Cannon Ball!

How fun it is to throw our iPhones on our beds! But sometimes our iPhone bounces off the bed and kisses the ground with full force. That’s the worst feeling that anyone can ever get. We have to realise that we are not in a ninja movie, throwing blades at our enemies.

Well, the only thing that we can suggest here is that you should not do such a thing even if you are in a hurry to go to the toilet or to get ready.

The roof of The Car:

We have witnessed many people in the parking lots stuffing the things inside the boot of their car and after they are done with it, they start their car and drive away. Well, you must be wondering, ‘what’s wrong in such a situation?’

Well, the wrong thing here is that while putting the things in the trunk, such people put their phone on the roof of their cars and drive away without putting the phone in the car.

Sleep on it:

Putting your iPhone beside you while you sleep is the worst decision that you can make regarding your phone. When you are deep asleep you don’t know how you would react to anything that bothers you. You might end up throwing it off the bed even on the sound of the slightest beep. The other thing that may happen is that you turn around while you are asleep and make your iPhone bear all of your body’s weight.

Well, these are some of the reasons that lead to a broken iPhone. Now that you know the reasons, we are going to tell you the drawbacks of owning or using a phone with a broken screen.

  • Vague Display:

Once the screen of our iPhone is cracked, though it might still work, we still find it difficult to see the display properly. This happens as the lines on our screens sometimes come over an important text written in our screens, and due to that, we might skip some important information.

  • Touch Screen Gives You Surprises!

If the touchscreen of your iPhone is working, it still can give you kind of surprises where it stops working for some time. This can be the worst scenario if you find the screen of your iPhone dead when you are trying to perform an important task.

  • It May Hurt You!

Sometimes the screen of iPhones are smashed to the limit where while swiping your finger over it, it may cut your fingertip badly. This doesn’t happen in most of the cases due to the glass quality used in our iPhones, but in some cases, it might happen.

What Should I Do With It?

You might think that getting your iPhone repaired would help you. But that isn’t the case, as you might find it difficult to find a reliable repair service provider in the UK. And even if you find one, repaired iPhone don’t give you that much satisfaction as the already intact ones do.

So the best option for you is to sell it to a recycler so that your iPhone goes into good hands. You have to find a reliable recycling platform to do so. The most common breakage problem that we see in today’s era comes in iPhone 7. This iPhone has a very high demand in the UK and the platforms available on SellTheMobile are offering amazing price quotes for iPhone 7.

You would have to visit SellTheMobile to sell iPhone 7 cracked screens at amazing prices. So don’t sit idle, and sell your iPhone only through our website.

By Sohel Ather

Sohel Ather is Guest blogger; He focuses on actionable and unique ideas that can be used to grow your business and make a real difference for your customers.

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