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No-deal Brexit: Tory donors warn Theresa May she must be prepared to walk away

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Senior Conservative Party donors have warned Theresa May she should be prepared for a “no deal” Brexit rather than accepting an “unsatisfactory and unfavourable deal” which could cause divisions for another generation.

One donor said he feared some pro-Remain ministers were suffering from Stockholm syndrome, where hostages begin to trust their captor, and were “keen to increase” Britain’s “fragility,” the Observer reports.

Another said David Cameron’s failure to secure major concessions over Britain’s membership of the EU before last year’s referendum showed the dangers of accepting a bad deal.

The warnings come after pro-EU MPs said businesses would face the “cliff-edge” break which they had long feared if Britain walked away from Brexit talks.

Michael Farmer, a Tory peer and former party treasurer who has given millions to the Conservatives and the Leave campaign, told the Observer: “It is worth recalling the paltry offer that Cameron came back with, which was an important factor in persuading people to vote out.

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