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Next-generation technologies catching on despite SAP Leonardo rebrand

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Call them what you will, next-generation technologies, like blockchain and machine learning, had their own growth paths before coming under the Leonardo umbrella.

SAP pulled a slew of technologies together to present its latest offering, SAP Leonardo, at this year’s Sapphire Now conference.

The combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, analytics, internet of things and blockchain have all been labeled as next-generation technologies, and they do have real-world applications. But while some users have completed projects with these tools and others are testing the waters, experts question how much of SAP Leonardo is really new and different, and how much it can lead to applications for a variety of industries.

SAP is right to bake Leonardo technology directly into the software, according to Brad Shimmin, service director for global IT technology and software at research firm GlobalData. SAP competitors, including Oracle, have already released internet of things (IoT) applications for processes such as fleet management, which only requires you to buy the software — everything else is done for you. SAP is approaching it similarly.

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