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NEXCOM Embraces Retail IoT to Unveil Shoppers’ Interests

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As innovative IoT applications spring up around the retail industry, NEXCOM edge server NDiS B426 gives brick-and-mortar retailers a firm grasp of customers’ interests. Featuring GPU-accelerated system responsiveness, the NDiS B426 has the competence of an edge server to invigorate retailers through smart retail insights. The NDiS B426 can identify traffic flow, measure customer engagement, and find behavioral patterns, offering retailers valuable information to optimize shelf assortment, craft marketing strategies, and ultimately increase in-store sales.

Equipped with Intel® Celeron® Processor 3855U and NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 730M graphics processor, the edge server NDiS B426 is geared towards graphics-intensive analysis. With fast system responsiveness boosted by GPU acceleration, the NDiS B426 can interpret real-time video footage captured by up to six full HD in-store cameras and incorporate cloud services to create a clean, neat presentation of analysis results. With a slim size and main connectors aligned on the front side, the NDiS B426 can be easily tucked in a back office or stockroom, helping retailers swiftly reposition for the IoT era.

While customers wander around in the store, the NDiS B426 hums in the back, decoding customers’ preferences by examining, for instance, how customers move, what products customers touch, and where customers linger. Rapidly and cost-effectively, the NDiS B426 streamlines analysis processes that generally rely on enterprise servers or cloud platforms. By producing real-time statistics, the NDiS B426 enables retailers to acquire an in-depth understanding of in-store customers, evaluate the performance of sales promotions, and strategize store and shelf layouts, ushering in the IoT-driven retail.

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