Mobile: The Great Connector Vol 2, offers guidance based on insights from top brand marketers and mobile experts across the mobile ecosystem.
Underlines the expanded role of mobile to enable immersive experiences and contextual advertising.
The free e-book is now available from the Mobile Marketing Association.

LONDON, U.K. AND COLOGNE, GERMANY – FEBRUARY 22, 2016 — The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), the world’s leading global non profit trade association focused on accelerating the transformation of marketing through mobile, along with MobileGroove, a top 50 ranked destination providing analysis, custom research and strategic content marketing to the global mobile industry, today announced the availability of a new eBook to help brands, businesses and organisations harness mobile and mobile data to create contextual relevance in their marketing, advertising and interactions with customers. Mobile: The Great Connector Vol2 is a joint collaboration between the MMA, MobileGroove, Inspired Mobile and Brainstorm .The ebook will be featured at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 this week in Barcelona, Spain.

The free eBook provides brands and businesses with clear direction and actionable insights around how mobile is paving the way for new marketing approaches and blurring the boundaries to bridge the digital and physical worlds. Researched and written by Peggy Anne Salz, author, analyst and mobile authority of MobileGroove, the eBook compiles insights from top marketing executives at leading brands including Unilever and, as well as examples of award-winning mobile campaigns, to identify best practices and key lessons around how data, location and context are combining to enhance the entire marketing cycle.

“Mobile is no longer a channel; it’s a behaviour,” observes Pratick Thakrar, founder of Inspired Mobile, a leading omni-channel campaign management platform that ensures businesses of all sizes are able to conduct quality marketing on a global scale. “The role of mobile as a ‘connector’ creates the requirement for brands to view customers holistically and contextually, and further amplifies the need for a single source data platform to engage the customer as an individual, not as a generic audience segment, to ensure personal and relevant content experiences are sent to the customer when they want.”

“A seismic shift in our collective behavior is underway — because we instinctively reach to our devices to interface with the real world around us — that effectively endows mobile with an exciting new capability: the ability to bridge the digital and physical realms to influence and trigger activities in the real world conversions, interactions and other ‘calls-to-action’,” Salz explains. “The real opportunities come when brands and businesses begun to understand how the Internet of Things fits into the customer-brand communications paradigm.”

“Mobile has been called the ‘new shop window’ because it’s where intent and decisions meet,” observes Chris Babayode, Managing Director of MMA EMEA. “More importantly, mobile has an exciting new capability of the complete customer experience — and across all verticals — because it sits at the intersection of our digital and physical worlds, allowing marketers that grasp this opportunity to drive positive results for their existing and new customers.”

“At first, so-called static data — household data, data stored in CRM systems and data gathered via cookies during PC browsing and buying sessions —helped marketers understand their customers better. Today mobile takes this to a new level, empowering marketers to build more dynamic and holistic audiences and so meet growing consumer demand for personal, relevant and valuable content, marketing, advertising and assistance — where, when and how they want it most,” observes Daniel Rieber, vice chair board member of the new MMA Germany chapter launching at MWC, and VP Marketing at adsquare, a company providing an audience management platform for mobile programmatic advertising.

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