COSTA MESA, USA, November 23, 2016 / — With the cloud currently the most important force impacting computing services, NetSuite and Adaptive Insights minimize IT overhead, reducing the need for people, hardware and systems to maintain. The modern cloud ERP gives companies of all sizes access to an enterprise-wide array of key business features and functionality within one system. This provides even more significant benefits for smaller companies, helping to level the playing field with larger competitors.

Mike Kelly, partner with the firm, comments, “We have experienced a significant number of growing companies reaching out to learn how NetSuite cloud ERP software and Adaptive Insights cloud tools can help manage their rapid growth, whether organic or inorganic. Companies are ready and excited to implement cloud solutions as they realize that they are faster to implement and easier to scale with their business model than on-premise solutions. Clients appreciate that Tactical Cloud is focused on their business and its needs, rather than on IT.”

Josh LaSov, VP of Consulting and head of Tactical Cloud’s Adaptive Insights Practice, added, “Clients want to automate budgeting, planning, and forecasting using a solution proven to reduce cycle times by up to 90%. Adaptive Insights is the only cloud budgeting, consolidation and analytics solution that provides a 360-degree view of your organization’s past, present, and future performance.”

Recent hires position Tactical Cloud to resume its stellar growth and bring ground-breaking cloud-services implementationacross all sizes of company. Tactical Cloud chose to slow its growth recently as it took time to attract additional key NetSuite talent to their team. Mike Kelly explained, “We had to recruit top NetSuite talent from out-of-state and entice them join our elite team of professionals in Southern California. After we vetted over 30 qualified candidates, it was not too hard to attract the best to Tactical Cloud. They understood our value proposition and were excited to be part of a winning team.”

Tactical Cloud LLC is a consultancy focused on business technology solutions strictly in the cloud. The growing team comprises financial and business professionals with a strong background in business process review and design, as well as system implementation. They believe that technology should accelerate your business growth, not hinder it. By partnering with the #1 cloud solutions used by the “Office of the CFO,” Tactical Cloud is able to focus on their client’s business needs, as well as the change management effect of a new solution of their client’s people and processes rather than the technology itself.

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