The Mozilla Foundation has released the results of a new study which claims that while consumers are ready to use mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, users remain divided in opinion over a connected future.

On Wednesday, Mozilla revealed the results of the survey, of which 190,000 people from dozens of countries participated.

The research found that the more tech savvy people are, the more optimistic they feel about a connected future but the loss of privacy worries citizens worldwide.

According to the research, respondents who identified themselves as proficient with technology were the most likely to be optimistic about a connected future, while those who considered themselves least proficient — 31 percent in total — said they were “scared as hell” of the idea.

Respondents in India, Mexico, and Brazil stood out as being the most optimistic about the benefits of connected technologies, while those in Belgium, France, the UK, Switzerland, and the US were more likely to express concerns.

With the exception of Italy, 45 percent of respondents worldwide said they feared a loss of privacy above all else. Italy, however, was concerned with the loss of connections with other people.

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Article Credit: ZDNet

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