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Less Annoying CRM Review: Most Affordable CRM Software

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Most Affordable CRM Software

Most Affordable CRM Software

We chose Less Annoying CRM as our 2018 best low-cost CRM software. With just one subscription tier of $10 per user, per month, this approachable CRM takes the complexity and expense out of adopting a customer relationship management solution. A newcomer to the CRM scene, this solution lacks the bells and whistles the competition has, but also simplifies the implementation process.

To understand how we selected our best picks, you can view our methodology, as well as a comprehensive list of CRM software, on our best picks page.

Less Annoying CRM was created as a response to the increasingly confusing and complex world of small business solutions. Many products we reviewed require potential users to fill out a form just to view a demo, talk to a sales rep to even understand that subscription tiers available, and purchase mandatory implementation services. Less Annoying CRM lives up to its name: Anyone interested in viewing the interface of this CRM can check out a demo online and view screenshots, without filling out a form or submitting a request.

Users who adopt Less Annoying CRM can expect to have the system up and running in hours. Contacts can easily be imported from an Excel spreadsheet (or previously used CRM), and the streamlined set of features makes for almost no learning curve at all. For SMB who want an alternative to old-school customer relationship management, but don’t want to spend hours on the phone with sales reps and deal with complicated contracts, Less Annoying CRM offers an outstanding affordable alternative.

Less Annoying CRM is a true customer relationship management solution. While more robust SaaS CRM products have ventured far outside the realm of primary CRM tasks, Less Annoying CRM has stayed focused on providing classic CRM features without unnecessary features and options. The result is a list of useful features, without the headache of a complex adoption process:

  • Contact and lead management
  • Custom fields in lead settings
  • Email logging
  • Lightweight project management and workflows
  • Collaboration tools
  • Import contacts directly from your old system or spreadsheet
  • Daily agenda emails
  • Shared and individual calendars
  • One-click export option
  • Automatic updates

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