Microsoft has unveiled plans to build on its existing CRM and ERP cloud solutions to make it easier for business customers to access its SaaS apps. The software giant’s new approach will combine the two functions in a single service to be called Dynamics 365, featuring multiple purpose-built apps to manage specific business functions such as financials, field service, sales and marketing.
The combined offering is expected to be available this fall. Its aim, Microsoft says, is to provide business clients with more flexibility, only paying for the services they need in order to develop their businesses.
Dynamics 365 will draw on the Cortana Intelligence big data and analytics suite and Power BI data visualization tools embedded in the apps to provide built-in insights, predictive next steps and advice for users.
As with previous Microsoft offerings, users will be able to access much of the Dynamics 365 functionality through Outlook. Partner-created apps will also be accessible from Microsoft AppSource, which the firm also announced last week. The company says AppSource will have 200 business SaaS apps, content packs and add-ins from both Microsoft and its partners that will work with Dynamics 365.

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