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Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Update Embraces Hybrid Cloud, Big Data

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Microsoft’s forthcoming SQL Server 2016 adds better encryption, support for unstructured data queries including those on Apache Hadoop, and new features to enable the hybrid cloud. The updates are part of an overhaul that updates Microsoft’s flagship database management platform for a new age.

Microsoft is prepping the update to its database management system, SQL Server 2016, for a June 1 general availability that will deliver hybrid cloud capabilities, better security, and the ability to query unstructured data sources including information stored in big data technologies such as Hadoop.

These are themes that have been resonating in the database management system market as organizations find themselves inundated with massive amounts of data, both structured and unstructured, and are under increasing pressure to keep it secure and protected, yet also accessible to the users who need it.

And many of these features are ones that Microsoft has been rolling out to its cloud-based Azure SQL Database. The company has validated these features in its cloud before baking them into the on-premises software. The new release also offers new ways for the on-premises and cloud software to work together.

(Image: Nicolas McComber/iStockphoto)

(Image: Nicolas McComber/iStockphoto)

That’s another theme that’s popular among the traditional enterprise software companies. Oracle, for instance, made hybrid cloud the big message during its most recent Oracle OpenWorld event in October 2015.

So how will Microsoft implement its own version of hybrid cloud?

Hybrid Cloud Features

As we reported, the 2016 edition of SQL Server offers Stretch Database technology, a hybrid cloud technology that keeps current data on-premises for high availability but stores older, less accessed data in the Azure cloud.

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