Mon. Nov 30th, 2020
Microsoft may be squandering a great enterprise product set with Dynamics ERP, says one analyst, but others believe that the platform is just undergoing a shift to cloud.

What’s the deal with Microsoft Dynamics ERP? That’s the question that analyst Joshua Greenbaum has been asking for a while.

The respected industry analyst who has followed the enterprise software market for many years as the founder of Enterprise Applications Consulting questioned Microsoft’s commitment to the Dynamics ERP product suite in a blog post this past June. While acknowledging that Microsoft is making strides in the enterprise world with its Azure cloud platform and Office 365 productivity suite, Greenbaum said that Microsoft has been strangely quiet about its ERP and CRM suite. The odd thing, he noted, is that the products are market leaders, and are “right up there with the best of the best.”

Not only that, Greenbaum said that Microsoft is also missing a huge opportunity as customers increasingly move ERP systems to the cloud.

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Article Credit: TechTarget

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