Thu. Mar 18th, 2021

Microsoft details cloud integration and Internet of Things services

Microsoft touts services for application integration across cloud and on-premise, while demonstrating IoT offerings

Microsoft continues to adapt its offerings to the changing world of IT, detailing this week its approach to delivering integration for enterprise applications across cloud and on-premise infrastructure, and showcasing its expanding internet of things (IoT) capabilities.

The company used the BizTalk 360 Integrate conference in London to explain its vision to enable seamless integration among enterprise applications across cloud-native and hybrid deployments, a key issue for organisations as they add cloud services to existing enterprise IT estates.

Provisioning IT services partly or wholly in the cloud is one thing, but it can create a whole new set of headaches if those services do not integrate easily with existing systems on which an organisation depends.

Not surprisingly, Microsoft has put the BizTalk Server and Logic Apps services at the centre of its solution to enable customers to seamlessly connect traditional on-premise applications to cloud-native applications.

“For over a decade we have been helping customers create integration scenarios with BizTalk Server and more recently we have introduced additional hybrid and cloud scenarios with Logic Apps public preview,” the firm said on the Microsoft Azure blog.

“With the new BizTalk server 2016 and Logic Apps releases coming soon, you will be able to connect to traditional systems and cloud native applications easily.”

Customers will also be able to incorporate other Azure services like Functions and Machine Learning with Logic Apps to build richer and more scalable integration workflows, the firm said.

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