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Microsoft CEO Nadella points to machine learning as key battleground for cloud

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Microsoft has plenty of competition as it focuses intently on providing machine learning building blocks to developers and incorporates the technology into its software as a service suite.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has identified machine learning as the firm’s key focus as cloud computing usage becomes more widespread.

It is an area that is fast becoming the battleground for the big cloud providers. Google and Amazon Web Services both offer a range of tools that make it easier for developers to create ‘intelligent’ applications, while the likes of Salesforce are keen to incorporate artificial intelligence into their software services.

Satya Nadella

Speaking at an event in London’s Canary Wharf financial district, Nadella’s sales pitch placed emphasis on the role of machine learning across Microsoft’s range of cloud products – from infrastructure and platform as a service offerings in Azure, to its Dynamics and Office365 cloud software.

First he highlighted how Azure Iaas will support “the next generation of applications”.

He said: “Whenever you think about the infrastructure layer in computing, you are always driven by the applications of the future: what are developers writing, not just today, but what is going to be the core currency of the applications of the future?”

The answer, Nadella continued, is “very clear”. “It is going to be data and more importantly the ability to reason over data to create intelligence,” he explained. “That is what is unique about the applications that are getting created today.”

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