At Sage we like to think our technology expertise speaks for itself. But it’s always flattering when someone like Microsoft talks about it as well.

You may have heard about Microsoft’s Project Centennial. This project was launched in 2015 to help developers convert existing .NET and Win32 desktop applications to Universal Windows Platform apps. And with the newly announced desktop app converter, developers have the ability to publish directly to the Windows Store for Business.

Kevin Gallo, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President, Windows and Devices Group, speaking at Build 2016

As part of Project Centennial, Sage has been working with Microsoft months ahead of the general availability of this App. And we’re really excited to have our work featured at Build 2016, Microsoft’s developer conference. In fact, Microsoft decided that it was the perfect demo for the opening day’s keynote when Kevin Gallo, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President, Windows and Devices Group, announced the desktop app converter and showed it working with our Sage 200 product. Now as a UWP, the Sage app on Windows has access to all UWP APIs, including Live Tiles, which keeps people connected to the experience. You can watch the keynote presentation from around the 0:42:10 mark and atranscript of the keynote is available to view too.

We only announced our global collaboration agreement with Microsoft 6 months ago, so that’s how quickly we’re moving. In a world where the majority of small businesses use Microsoft Office products (82% in the UK, according toYouGov’s research), it makes a lot of sense to tighten the integration between Sage and Microsoft solutions to help small businesses improve their operations. So stay tuned, there’s lots more to come from Microsoft and Sage.

And, yes: Sage 200 will be one of the first Centennial wrapped apps available in the Windows Store for Business in summer 2016.

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