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Media ERP: Embracing Automation Across the Content Supply Chain

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For executives in the Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry, new models for success are driven by the need to realize greater profits by lowering Total Cost of Operations (TCOP) while simultaneously increasing overall throughput. This is especially true relative to Media Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with key objectives focused on streamlining the content supply chain across the enterprise and automating tasks from ideation through distribution. It’s a very ambitious set of objectives for any M&E business, that can have extraordinary outcomes when achieved.

Achieving these goals relies on investment and innovation, both of which must be orchestrated closer to the point where content and technology intersect. However, the unfortunate reality is that legacy media asset management (MAM) models continue to exist, with multiple on-premise, non-scalable systems deployed across different business units, departments and locations within an organization. These systems result in production delays, duplication of content, lack of agility and higher content management costs.

The ideal solution to these pain points is to implement a single enterprise-wide Media ERP solution that helps embrace digital transformation beyond technology departments. A purpose-built Media ERP solution will drive creative enablement, enhance efficiencies, reduce costs and increase monetization. A cloud-based Media ERP solution, in particular, delivers numerous benefits across four key areas: efficiency, flexibility, collaboration, and content delivery.

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