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Enhanced user interface makes getting key information and insights about individual health easier

PCHA Connected Health Conference, Washington, DC, 14th December 2016 – Medelinked is a secure mobile and online health platform that empowers people to take control of their health, from building their health profile to discovering, connecting to and sharing their health and wellness information with their trusted healthcare providers.

Demonstrated for the first time at PCHA Connected Health Conference, Washington, DC, Medelinked now features Medelinked Health Score. Dynamic and delivered in real time and based on individual weight, diet, nutrition, lifestyle, sleep and exercise, it’s a score that changes daily depending on the data that is entered or tracked from wearables.

Enhanced user interface
To help them further manage their own and their family’s health, Medelinked also now features an enhanced web user interface improving its clarity and making it easier to get key information and insights about individual health.

Managing all health data in one place helps individuals securely track, monitor and improve their health state, ensuring their latest health data is accessed and enabling the provision of the best possible care, keeping individuals in control of their own health.

Using Medelinked individuals are also able to create and store securely personal and family health profiles online, locate healthcare specialists and connect and share their health records with their network of trusted health partners and providers (including doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, trainers, insurers, clinical researchers).

Medelinked too provides peace of mind that if you need urgent medical treatment at home or abroad, a person’s secure medical history can be quickly and safely accessed and shared from their iOS or Android mobile device.

Record, connect and share
It also provides a scalable platform for device manufacturers to add value to their offerings, increase their range of services and deepen customer engagement.

Medelinked integrated services such as Garmin Connect, UP by Jawbone, Microsoft Health and Band, Samsung S Health, Nokia/Withings and iHealth enable people to record data directly into their Medelinked health record but also include a range of medical details including allergies, conditions, immunisations, medications and tests and the ability to store clinical standard DICOM MRI scans and x-rays to complete their health profile as well as storing insurance and other documentation.

Medelinked Secure Cloud
Patients’ medical records are held securely using the Medelinked Health Cloud system. The user has sole control over the information that is stored and whether they wish any healthcare individual or organisation to view any part of their medical history.

The individual can also choose any information they would like to store in a password-protected Emergency Records area, which a chosen family member or colleague can immediately access in the event of an emergency.

Ian Gallifant, Medelinked founder and CEO, says: “We are now seeing a dramatic shift in healthcare – individuals have a heightened interest in their own wellbeing and its maintenance and are increasingly interacting with personal technology to manage their lives, leading to reduced healthcare costs and increased workplace productivity.

Make a difference every day
What you can measure you can manage and that’s why we’ve introduced Medelinked Health Score to `nudge` people to make a difference every day. Of course, this starts with health information being stored in an easily accessible and clear way and providing people with the ability to add to their records and share information easily with the healthcare professionals they locate and choose – to ensure the best advice is given based on previous history, wherever they are around the world.

Adding Medelinked Health Score to the host of apps, sensors and devices that integrate with Medelinked ensures customers are in control of their health and personal, portable electronic health records are the way forward for improved healthcare and better outcomes in the future.”

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